Chapter Sweetheart Award

swjDeveloped by the General Grand High Priest, Emory J. Ferguson, and is available to Royal Arch Masons as a way to show their appreciation for the support and encouragement their Ladies have given them throughout the years.

2009 Marlys Kauten
2010 Darlene Hildreth
2011 Joanne Heath
2011 Leona Byers
2011 Darlene Seiler
2011 Jacquiline Watts
2012 Patty Courter
2013 Barbara Brygelson
2013 Pat Fischer
2013 Karen Harrington
2013 Lyssa Hoffmann
2013 Kathy Kinkel
2013 Peg Osdoba
2014 Karen Klein
2016 Christa Guthrie
2017 Robin Hill
2017 Sharon Libby
2019 Vicki Butler
2019 Danene Sheeler
2019 Deb Eschweiler