John Klaus (Term ending 2017)
Kenneth A. Brickman, PGHP (Term ending 2018)
Shane A. Harshbarger, PHP (Term ending 2019)
Philip A. Severson, PGHP (Emeritus, non-voting)

Board of Custodians

David M. Dryer, PHP
Marion Reinhardt, Custodian Emeritus
Eugene W. Sorick, PGHP, Custodian Emeritus

Charity Board

Gary W. Shaulis, President – 2020
Thomas L. Dean, Treasurer – 2019
Ronald L. Guthrie, Secretary – 2022
Robert L. Smith – 2021
Vernon F. Harrington – 2018

Awards & Merits

Kenneth A. Brickman, PGHP
David M. Dryer, PHP

Chapters Chartered & Under Dispensation

Vernon Harrington, PGHP Chairman
Stephen Libby, PHP
Dr. Thomas E.H. Gruis, PHP

Code Review

Tim S. Anderson, PHP
Donald M. Mosier, PHP
Kenneth A. Brickman, PGHP

Division & Reference

Gary W. Shaulis, PGHP Chairman
Gregory L. Andersen, PGHP


David M. Dryer, PHP Chairman
Frank Osdoba, PGHP
Thomas M. Megel, PHP

Fraternal Correspondance

James A. Fischer, PGHP


W. Charles Smithson, PGHP Chairman
All other Past Grand High Priests of Iowa


George J. Harrison, PHP Chairman
David M. Dryer, PHP
W. Charles Smithson, PGHP

Royal Arch Research Assistance

Derwood G. Keith, PGHP
Dr. Thomas E.H. Gruis, PHP

Publication Staff

Brian Truex

Joint Grand Chapter RAM & Grand Council RSM Committees