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The Degrees of the Chapter are conferred under a separate body, although they are so closely connected to Ancient Craft Masonry that they can be considered the completion of those degrees.

The Chapter of Royal Arch Masons consists of four degrees that continue the Mason’s journey as he searches for the secrets of a Master Mason.

The degrees of Mark Master (once a part of the Fellow Craft Degree), Past Master and Most Excellent Master lead up to and set the stage for the Holy Royal Arch Degree and teach the Master Mason important lessons.

The Holy Royal Arch degree depicts the rebuilding of the Temple by Jeshua, Zerubbabel, and Haggai.  During the rebuilding an important discovery is made, and that which was lost is recovered.

It is interesting to note, that the first record of conferment of the Holy Royal Arch Degree, in what is now the United States, was for George Washington in the lodge at Fredericksburg, Virginia, on 22 December 1753.